Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Vintage Photo Magnets

I've mentioned in previous posts that I have a weakness for old photos.  I tend to pick them up (I may or may not refer to it as 'adopting them') at flea markets, garage sales, and wherever old family photos are discarded.  I also have quite the collection of my own family's photos... I've sort of become the keeper of the family photographic memories, which I love.  But sometimes, I don't know how to display all of these beauties.  I don't always want to frame them, but I definitely don't want them to just collect dust in a drawer...  I decided the other day to take advantage of the little bit of fridge space I have, and make a couple old photos into magnets! 

All you need for this project is Magnetic Adhesive Sheet (I got mine at Michael's), some scissors, and whatever photos you'd like to magnetize (side bar: am I the only one who thinks of Mos Def in Be Kind Rewind, every time someone says "magnetized"? "you're maaaagnetized!" yeah? just me? okay, anywho)

I chose a couple photos of strangers I had acquired over the years but didn't have  place for. I laid the photos on the sheet to make sure I had enough space to cut them out.  I cut them freehand, but if you want to do it the "right", "thorough", or "correct" way, I would suggest flipping it over and tracing the picture on the back of the sheet and then cutting that out.  I tend to cut corners, but I get the job done. 

As you can see, the back of these sheets are magnetic on the front, and have a sheet on the back you can peel off.. I cut out my magnetic sheet to the corresponding photo sizes, and peeled off the sheet and exposed the adhesive...

...then stuck it onto the back of the photo.  Et voila! 

Now these lovely photos, of the lady in the boat and the happy father & son, are appreciated every single day instead of languishing in my craft supply drawer.  I even kept the sort of bedraggled shape of the photo of the father & son... it looks like someone cut it from a larger photo, and I somehow think that gives it a bit of character of its own.  I always wonder what the rest of the photo looked like...

I'm pretty sure they like it on the fridge with my other weird magnets and my awkward cruise honeymoon photo.  Keep in mind though, the magnet isn't super heavy duty, so it doesn't hold up more than a piece of paper... I wouldn't suggest it as a magnet for other photos on the fridge as they'd probably fall right out.  I personally like them just as art for the fridge, what do you think?  

Do you have any photos you're going to transform?  I think these would make lovely last minute gifts for family if you used old family photos! 

Have fun!

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