Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flea Fallin'

Last weekend, we had the incredible privilege of selling at the Portland Flea For All.  It's an amazing, brand new market in Portland and it's full of totally rad people selling lots of rad things.  There's vintage and antiques and TONS of handmade things.  Everyone there is great, and everyone who showed up to shop was great as well.  It seems like everyone is super excited to have a place like this to go to, because there really hasn't been anything like it in the area until now.  

We sold lots of great pieces to some totally stylish people, and got to socialize like crazy.  I've already told Erin (who runs this whole thing, along with her main man Nathaniel) that we plan on staying there until they physically remove us from the premises.  We're kind of in love.

Here's some shots of what our set up looked like for the weekend!

I think Caiti is laughing in this picture because two seconds before this she was making a downright strange face and giving a thumbs up.  I decided not to post that one.

doesn't that insane beaded bird shirt kind of blow your mind? maybe my favorite thing ever

a skirt, handmade by Caiti, in the world's most INSANE fabric that we adore

Next weekend, I plan on walking around and snapping photos of some other vendors and some of the stylish shoppers.  If you're around, you should stop by and visit us!  We'll be there every Saturday & Sunday from 10-5 from now until the apocalypse or until we get told to leave (whichever comes first).  See you there!