Thursday, February 28, 2013

we go cuckoo for vintage

A big part of our job is shopping.  Lots.. and LOTS of shopping.  In order to bring you lots and lots of rad vintage we spend a lot of time at auctions, antique malls, thrift stores, people's basements... basically anywhere that we think we can sniff out something cool.  It's pretty amazing.  But honestly, it gets kind of tiring sometimes.  Not tiring in the sense that we want to stop, but tiring like we get a little punch drunk.  okay, maybe a LOT punch drunk.  I wanted to share some evidence of this from some Instagram pics we took last week during one of our all day shopping extravaganzas.

Stuff like this happens:

and then this...

so... yeah.
if you happen to be an aspiring vintage store owner reading this blog, just know that you have to be a little bit nutty to be cut out for this business.  also know that you have to take pictures like these on the sly, because the people at the antique malls will frown at you once they realize you're not actually going to BUY the items you're playing with. LOOSEN UP, GUYS!

I really wanted the pretzel though. sigh.

Jess & Caiti

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Monday, February 25, 2013

weekly wantsies

Our internet browsing got derailed a bit by big exciting plans (official news soon!), and we missed last week's Weekly Wantsies post, but fear not... we've got some new fun things for you to ogle over with us!

Here's what Jess has fallen in love with this week...

1. Every fabric ever on Spoonflower. But specifically, this fabric, which is adorned in fine leather bound books. I bet it smells like mahogany.  Also, it's titled "Monsieur Fancypantaloon's Instant Library" - how could you EVER resist something so delightful?

2.  This tote from Wunderkammer Culture. I can't resist a deer, or a canvas tote, so it's a win/win.

3.  Green. Scalloped. Flats.  HELLO, SPRING!  Also, why have I never looked at Lulu's until now? Why didn't someone tell me it's fabulous? So many good shoes!

4.  An octopus tea cup! I've been meaning to start drinking more tea, and this would obviously make a fantastical companion to my tea drinking endeavors.

What Caiti is coveting this week...

1. I bought this jersey knit gold mini skirt with black polka dots and pretty much everything revolves around wearing that thing. These boots would look amazing with it. 

2. I've been feeling nesty lately. This print belongs in my bathroom I think.

3. I'm a crazy cat lady, what can I say.

4. These probably wouldn't go with my polka dot skirt but they fulfil my Peter Pan fetish.

Jess & Caiti

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glitter Stenciled Sweatshirt

My Pinterest feed was all a flutter with hearts, glitter and Ryan Gosling this past Valentines day. I was inspired by two of the three to do this DIY. I saw a post for a glitter heart children's tee that got my brain chugging...Why not combine three of my favorite things, the macabre, glitter, and sweatshirts. Here it is, glitter stenciled sweatshirt.  

  • sweatshirt
  • stencil cut out of contact paper. I used my Cricut to cut the rib-cage  but you could easily trace and cut with an exacto knife. 
  • Tacky Glue or Mod Podge Fabric glue.
  • Paint brush, I ended up using a smaller junk paint brush.
  • Workspace

Lets begin...

After you've cut your stencil and set up your work space you can begin the jerky task of getting that stencil on the sweatshirt. I found that putting painters tape on the front of the design before you peel the back off worked the best. 

After the front is covered with painters tape, peel off the back and adhere to where you'd like your design. Give it a good rub down and begin to peel the tape off. You may have to hold the contact paper edges down but it shouldn't stick to the tape. If that makes any sense at all...

Now start painting the glue on. I would paint a bit then sprinkle the glitter on, working in sections until it was covered in gluey, glittery mess.

Then let it dry. I gave it about one Arrested Development episodes worth and carefully shook off the excess glitter.

When it no longer feels wet, peel off the contact paper. I used a little lint brush roller to get the stray glitter. Your done. I'm not sure how this will wash so I will err on the side of caution and say hand wash this lovely. 

Im interested to see how you fare. Have fun.

Oh and thank you to my Supervisor(s).

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Wild One....

 Wintry cold days always end in movie a marathon for me and it sure has been wintry around here lately.

When choosing a movie I tend to base my decision on the movie's costuming. If it's got fabulous dresses I'm watching it, i.e The Aviator. I especially love movies that have such unique costuming they set fashion trends, hellooo Annie Hall...
In the movie The Wild One, Marlon Brando is the epitome of cool and his leather jacket is nothing but iconic gold. That makes it a shoe in for my top five fashion influential films. 

Cat's pajamas, am I right...

Sure the story may have been based on a riot that never really happened. Giving way to America's notion of  the big, bad, drunkard, "biker". But the iconic "cult classic" had a wide range of influence. The Wild One can be attributed to being one of the first movies to pave the way for many teenage rebellion films, uhhh Rebel Without a Cause. Marlon Brando had a way of creating cultural icons, giving real bikers a romantic "rebel outlaw" identity. The Wild One became a model for newly organised clubs, bringing them a flood of new members and popularizing the Triumph and Harley Bikes. Ohhh and lets not forget the FASHION.

Brando rode his OWN bike, a Triumph Thunderbird 650cc. 

The jacket Brando wore in the film is an iconic piece of clothing to say the least. Men and women alike have followed suit in a rockabilly surge later turned punk leather jacket craze. When filming ensued the budget was limited and Brando had to provide his own clothing for the “Johnny Strabler” character. Brando being the consummate method actor studied bikers, gangs, and their fashion incorporating the gruff, dark style to his own. Boy did that start a trend. Sideburns, leather, cuffed denim, Oh my. And that iconic jacket was a Schott Perfecto 618 which is still available for purchase.   

Here are a few other items that complete the look, maybe I should say attitude. 

And for the ladies might I suggest....

Paired with this...

can never go wrong with polka dots.

So, What are you rebelling against?

Caiti & Jess

Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wantsies

Welcome to our Second Round of Weekly Wantsies! This is where we let you know what sort of things we're fancying from our travels around the internet. Last week we were into shoes, music, and more shoes. This week we're kind of all over the place. Let's go window shopping, shall we?

What Caiti has spied this week:

1. There is moss in these earrings. Adorable.

2. I've always loved those gross ol' taxidermy heads at flea markets but never knew how to fit one into my decor. Well this pseudo taxidermied one has seafoam horns! Done and Done.

3. I just like the swans.

4. Uhhh Stormtrooper pancake anyone?

What Jess is drooling over:

1. Black has seemed to creep its way into my wardrobe in the past few months. I was always more of a fan of brown, but hey, things change. what better way to wear black than with a 1940s dress from Wildfell Hall?

2. David Bowie Mugshot Ring. I don't even need to explain why I'd want this (hint: because it's AMAZING)

3.  I need new boots. Desperately. Mine are literally falling apart, yet I keep wearing them.  I'm in love with these Chocolate Cravings boots - they go with both black AND brown! perfect for a girl who's apparently transitioning into gothness.

4. Speaking of transitioning into gothness... or just weirdness... I give you: the bug belt! Perfection, I say.

What are you pining after this week?

Jess & Caiti

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coat Sale!

There's a HUGE storm heading our way in Maine.  We're supposed to be getting well over a foot of snow.  Some reports are seriously saying over TWO FEET, which is just ridiculous.  Despite that, we've got Spring on the brains.  We're dreaming of warm weather, flip flops, and yard sales... sweet, sweet yard sales.  So we're doing a blowout coat sale on Etsy! Since it's still quite chilly out, you can totally benefit from our spring fever and get cozied up for not a lot of cash! 

Check out the Sale Section here

and here are some of the lovelies up for grabs:


What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
 Hope you've got something (or someone) to bundle up with!

Stay Cozy,
Jess & Caiti

Monday, February 4, 2013

Menswear Dog!

In an effort to be on top of all things in the animal fashion world (see: pinup kittens), we wanted to let you know about the most fashionable pup we've ever seen.  Seriously, this pup is dressed to the nines, and maybe more stylish than most people that we've met.  Please meet.... Menswear Dog.  

According to his website, Menswear dog is: "a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches."

this dog would fit in perfectly in Portland.


Menswear Dog, (who I feel needs an actual name... maybe something like Sterling? or Benson? something that sounds way cool) can be found on his Tumblr.  I'm really hoping that the Tumblr gets updated a lot more, because the internet, nay, THE WORLD, needs to see more of this pooch.  It makes me want to start dressing like a gentleman... someone get me a puffy vest and a tie!

PS. Did you know that the word "doggy" is actually a synonym for dapper? Coincidence? I think not!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

outfits of the flea

 Happy Sunday! What are you up to today? Superbowl time? We're really only looking forward to the Puppy Bowl, to be honest.  We'll be hanging out at the Flea for part of the day today... same as yesterday.  It's kind of our weekend gig.  

While we were hanging out yesterday, we took some photos of our outfits while we were strolling around shopping (yes, we totally shop while we're working. it's kind of hard not to there).

Caiti's duds:

she totally made that bow belt on Saturday morning before coming to Flea.  
she's pretty darn crafty.  Isn't it adorable? 

Jess's getup:

That dress was originally supposed to be for Lucille's, but... I tried it on and it was super comfy.. soo... to my closet it goes! Sorry, Lucille's... you snooze you lose! 

Have a good day!
-Jess & Caiti

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wantsies

We spend a lot of time window shopping online.  Because it's fun, and it's a lot cheaper than actual shopping.  And also because it's a good way to get inspired (that's what we keep telling ourselves, at least).  We thought we'd start a weekly feature where we show you some things we've been ogling over especially hard. 

Presenting... Weekly Wantsies!

First off, Caiti's list:

1. I love red and don't wear it often enough. Plus I love the Paraders.

2.Been eyeballing these oxford pumps for a while now...

3. Adorable flask because I keep it classy.

4. Prince to put out an album already. You should take a listen to the latest song Screw Driver .

And Jess's list: 

1.  Yeah, maybe I DO want a pair of leggings that are covered in baby fawns. 

2. I've always wanted brass knuckles. I think this is a good gateway ring

3. I love heels, but flats are kind of the best, amiright? And green is the best color. Ever. 

4. I've wanted wooden sunglasses FOREVER. And these are cat eyes, so how can you go wrong? 
(you can't, by the way.)

What about you... what are you dreaming about this week? What are your thoughts on Prince?
 Fawn covered leggings? Drinking from a flask? 

Caiti & Jess