Tuesday, July 17, 2012

old photos

I've always had quite the collection of old photos. Whenever I'm at an antique store (or anywhere else, for that matter), and I see a bin of discarded family photos, I feel a twinge of misplaced nostalgia.  The moments in those photos were precious enough that someone felt the need to capture them on film, but sadly, over time their importance has faded.  They've ended up with relatives who have no idea what the memory was, or who the people even are. So I always end up scooping up those photos like abandoned teddy bears (yes, thrift store stuffed animals bum me out too, but that's another blog entry) and bring them home to appreciate them.  

I realized recently that I have a bunch of photos that have been relinquished to a drawer and forgotten about after a mad cleaning session in my office... which is EXACTLY what I was trying to rescue them from in the first place. I decided to free these babies into the world, aka sell them at the Flea For All, to see if someone else might enjoy them, and prolong their life a bit more. I'm still not letting go entirely, though. I scanned them so I could share them with you guys (whoever it is who actually reads this blog)... and I think we may be using some as labels for some of our products so they live on even longer! Enjoy :)

Which one is your favorite? I'm not sure I could pick! although I do really love the lady charming the bear...


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  1. I was just having a conversation today with a lady about why I have so many vintage photos... I'm the same way you are! I feel terrible that they are discarded memories...I love me some Little Ghosts! My fav? the bathing beauties.