Saturday, March 23, 2013


Jess and I have been very remiss in writing posts lately. We are very sorry, we've been super busy. As you may (or may not know) we are in the process of opening our first store. We both fell in love with this location, and luckily it happened to meet our needs. It also happened to be a bit of a fixer upper.
The first week was slightly daunting, there seemed to be a never ending list of fixes to be made.

But with the help of my dad Chuck, Matt, Steve and Nick. We seem to be getting s*!t done. 

Ok so here are some progress photos.....

Front room.

Door to second room prior to destruction. 

Tearing things up...we really wanted to knock the wall down but settled for the less extensive widening.

Wreck it Ralph, I mean Steve destroying the previous tenants counter. It was soooo wonky.

Aerial of the pretty new cash wrap Dad and Matt put in.

So that's all you can see for now, we're in the process of painting walls and floors. You'll have to come to our Grand Opening, April 6th to see the end results. Check out our facebook page for event details. 

Caiti & Jess 

As always we had a four legged supervisor on duty. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Appliqué Tote Bag

I love doing early morning crafts, I try to pick something easy that I can do in about one to one and a half hours. This mornings project was an appliqué tote. Now I'm not promising a quick DIY but a rather easy and neat looking one. 


  • Fabric for tote or a tote bag.
  • Fabric for appliqué.
  • Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-on Adhesive.
  • Iron
  • Fray-check (optional)

Lets begin...

If you hoard fabric like me and enjoy sewing I say make yourself a tote. I used this tutorial to make mine. DIY tote. It was soooo easy, I changed my dimensions a bit, mine is 16x16.

Ok, once you've made the tote we must make the appliqué. Follow the directions on the Heat'n Bond package. I simply cut a 10x10 square of fabric and a 10x10 square of Heat'n Bond then ironed them together. I then put them through my Cricut cutter to cut out my design. If you don't have a Cricut go on ebay and buy one, they rock, but also trace and cut your design. Now that it's cut you have the option to apply fray-check to the edge of your design following package directions. I chose to skip this part.

Peel the back off the appliqué and position it however your heart desires. Again refer to the directions on the package, iron that baby on.

And whoala, you're done. So easy! Now if you wanted to take the time, which i didn't, you could line your bag and use fray check around the edge of your appliqué. That would give your tote a very professional feel. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out without those added steps. 

Have fun,

(Obligatory supervisors photo.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

just a teeny thought for the day

something to ponder on, brought to you by Edwin Land, creator of the Polaroid camera.  I'll certainly be pondering it, as I take on my manifestly important and nearly impossible projects...  they're really the best kind of projects, aren't they?