Monday, December 31, 2012

raining cats and dogs

I realized while combing through the shop today that we've got a good little collection of kitschy cat & dog items building up.  We've apparently become the crazy ladies who like to collect figurines and strange animal related stuff.  And when we can't find vintage things, we MAKE handmade things to fill the void.  We might have a problem.  We're both kind of okay with that though.

This is the one that I (Jess) have become the most attached to.  I mean, the dog is playing friggin' accordian.  SO CUTE.

And leave it to us to have not one, but TWO, cat salt/pepper shakers.  And by that I mean we have one of each... not a set.  Because we also can't resist things that are cute and have been orphaned. 

Caiti has been cranking out all sorts of amazing bows lately.  I love these two so much! I actually have my own version of the puppy & kitty polka dotted one.  

And there's those crazy-pants pendants I've been making for a while.  They're from vintage children's book illustrations, and I think they make for the perfect touch of kitsch for any outfit.  Because doesn't every outfit need a little kitsch?  We (obviously) think so.

All these items, and more fabulous kitschy and fancy things, can be found in our Etsy shop

A fancy new year to you,
Jess & Caiti


  1. Hi, great blog! Im your newest follower!


    1. Thanks Kamara! happy new year :)
      -Jess & Caiti