Sunday, August 18, 2013

Coast to Coast Vintage Mobile Shop

As soon as I met Jaimee of of Coast to Coast Vintage, I awkwardly blurted out something about how she's living my dream life and I'm super jealous of her... because it's totally true and also because I am the best at first impressions.  

But, seriously... look at this..



Coast to Coast Vintage rolled into the parking lot of the Portland Flea for All last Sunday and I obviously became immediately smitten.  Jaimee and her beau Adam have been roaming around the U.S. of A. gathering & selling vintage treasures since this past spring in their rad looking Scotty camper. 

They have lots of fun pieces, from flowy dresses to fun denim cutoffs.  The inside of the trailer is so dreamy looking, with whitewashed walls and a silver ceiling, and shelves with all sorts of quirky things (i mean, who doesn't love a troll doll?)

They're both super nice people, so even though they're living my dream life, I ain't even mad.  It's really inspiring to see people around my age making something so amazing happen, and I hope that all of their vintage wanderlust dreams come true.  

If you see them in your hood (they're currently in New York) be sure to stop by and check it out!

and maybe, sommmmmmeday you'll see a vintage Lucille's camper on the streets :)