Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Inspired by one of Laura's posts on Mainetoday about a DIY holiday manicure, I felt inspired to get my glitter on!  I decided to do some DIY of my own...

I'm usually really into colors that other people aren't into, so I have a hard time finding nail polish that I dig.. especially when it comes to polish of the glitter variety.  But every now and then, even a girl with weird taste needs to be shiny.  I had some lovely copper glitter I had fallen in love with ages ago, and some clear nail polish, and it occurred to me... EUREKA! I can make my own glitter polish! It seemed so simple! 

And... it totally was.

It's an incredibly easy-peasy DIY.  All you need is some clear polish, some glitter, and a means of funneling the glitter in.

Step 1.  Realize that the funnel you have is too big to fit into the nail polish.  Use a piece of paper formed into a makeshift funnel instead.  Or, if you're more prepared than me you can just use a small funnel.

Step 2.  Pour some glitter into the bottle.  Realize that it's a good idea you did this project while your husband was sleeping because he hates glitter.

Step 3.  Let it settle for a second... my glitter was really big pieces, so it took a minute for it to settle down into the bottle so I could add more.  

Step 4.  Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Or, just... shake it.. because you're really not supposed to shake Polaroids, you know.  Again, depending on how heavy your glitter is, it might take a minute to blend in.

And TA-DA! You've got your very own glittery concoction.  Feel free to go crazy with mixing colors of glitter... and mixing it up with different base coats underneath it.

I had a holiday party to go to, so I did a bit of a quick & dirty manicure with some iridescent white polish as a base coat.  I was going to do the ombre manicure that Laura did in her article, but I got too excited about the glitter and just kept adding more :)

Oh, and... my husband still managed to find glitter (ahem, everywhere) and complain about it, so you may want to be a bit more dainty than I was if you have a similar grumbly person in your life.  

Still totally worth it though.  And maybe perfect for some New Year's Eve nails?

Happy shiny holiday wishes,