Sunday, December 16, 2012

Presenting... Charmion!

How insanely BADASS is this lady?! 

Her name is Laverie Vallee, but she performed as a trapeze artist under the name Charmion.  She was mostly known for a very risque striptease performance that she did in full Victorian garb.  It was captured on film by Edison himself in 1901... and while we're not fans of Edison around here (we're Tesla girls), something about seeing a film of something that was considered inappropriate for 1901 is just too good to pass up.  Even if it is incredibly blurry...

Apparently, that version of her act was pared down a bit and was made to focus more on the sexy side of things rather than her strength... the full length version apparently had a lot more feats of strength.  Color me SUPER impressed... I don't even think I could do one pull-up! this lady could DESTROY ME.  Yet she still wears ruffly underwear and a fashionable hairstyle.  Can we say "new hero"?

What do you think? Terrifying or amazing? Or just terrifying how amazed you are?

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