Friday, December 28, 2012

shop tour: The Rusty Bucket

Here at Lucille's we love junk.  Rusty, old, creaky, beaten up stuff is some of our favorite stuff in the world.  We love chairs with peeling, worn paint, skeleton keys covered in patina, and all sorts of odd little things that probably should have been thrown out years ago... like that box of dental molds we saw at a flea market once (true story. totally should have bought them).  But we also love fancy things, like old art, glassware, and things of that nature.  That's why we were so psyched to stumble upon The Rusty Bucket in Saco, Maine. 

The Rusty Bucket is housed in a little Victorian house just off Route 1 in Saco on Ross Road.  When you first pull into the parking lot, you're greeted with the lovely sight that you see in the photo above - JUNK!  Heaps of old shutters, wire baskets, buoys, and lots of things you didn't know you needed until the moment you saw them.  

Just past the heaps of things, there's a small brightly painted shed that houses even more treasures.  It was in there that we found our favorite pieces of the day - an old weather vane and an antique time card holder.  We didn't last out there for very long because it was FREEZING that day! So we headed inside...

When you enter the shop you're greeted by warmth, which is most important on a cold day, the lovely smell of potpourri, and lots and lots of goodies to gaze at.  Most days, you'll also find Mike, one of the owners, behind the counter - he's excellent to chat with! 

We spent quite a bit of time wandering around looking at all the treasures in the shop...  I really loved some of the pieces on the wall above.

And don't forget to go downstairs! There are even more things tucked away down there! 

Like these salty old sailors.  And that beaaaautiful old scale! 

And I mean, have you EVER seen a pair of handles so beautiful in your life? When we saw these I actually said out loud "they just don't make 'em like they used to!", which sounds incredibly silly coming from a 26 year old, but still remains true.

We've gone to the Rusty Bucket twice within a span of a week or two, and it's totally worth the multiple trips.  We're actually super lucky to have found out about the place when we did.. because they're currently closed up for the winter and will re-open in the spring.  It seems almost unfair for us to blog about it... but.. we figure it'll just give you something to look forward to in the springtime!  In the meantime, Mike sells some things on eBay... and he updates his facebook regularly, so you should like him on there! 

Stay tuned for our next shop tour...
 and if you have anywhere you think we should feature, please let us know! We're always looking for an excuse for a roadtrip :)

-Jess & Caiti


  1. what a great place!!! I love the antique shops that are found by accident! Following you from Bloggin Buddies.

    1. The ones that are found by accident are always sort of the best ones, aren't they? Thanks for the follow Debbi! :)

  2. I love your blog! I love vintage shopping too! And those door handles are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had them in my home!

    Looking forward to following your blog and checking out your Etsy shop!

    Thanks for stopping by The Doily Duck!


    1. Thanks Jessica! Happy New Year :)


  3. What fun vintage finds! I love finding shops like these on road trips - you never know what you'll stumble across :)

    I'd like to invite you to join our weekly Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop - Come link up and join the fun if you have time this weekend :)

    1. thanks Laurie! Road trip finds are the best! :)

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! That shop looks like it'd be fun to go digging around in! I found your blog from etsy blogging buddies - happy to be your newest follower!