Friday, May 31, 2013

furry fashion

At Lucille's we take cuteness very seriously.  We spend a lot of time diligently scouring the internet, researching cute photos and videos of cats, dogs, sloths, and whatever other creature is doing something adorable.  Whenever that happens to intersect with vintage, or fashion in general, we are doubly delighted and feel like we've won at the internet (remember menswear dog?)

Well... imagine our delight when we came across this beauty:


Apparently, according to, in the early 1940s, a housewife in Washington D.C. adopted an orphaned baby squirrel and raised him as a pet.  A pet who wears costumes.

look at his maniacal little face! he's all "awww yisss I'm planning your demise"

His keeper, Mrs. Bullis, made a series of 30 costumes for him, for a whole slew of occasions.  Because a squirrel needs to be prepared for all sorts of situations, you see!

Like launching a career in nursing, of course!  And looking fantastic while doing so.

And here he is, sans costume, getting a little scrub.  Isn't he the best?  I love him.  Him and his blatant defiance of gender specific clothing... you go Tommy! Or was it Mrs. Bullis who was defying convention?  Hmmm. Regardless, he was a perfect little fluffy ball of fashion and I'm excited to have seen these photos.  

Hope you were too :)

Jess & Caiti

PS.  Have you seen the novelty twitter account @common_squirrel ?  For some reason, it never fails to make me laugh!


  1. oh, how cute. I had a pet squirrel when I was a teen. it too was an orphan and I bottle fed him, and he slept in bed with me. but I never dressed him up, lol. and when he got older and wanted a girlfriend, we took him to the country and let him go.

    1. awww, that's amazing! I must admit, I'm slightly jealous :)