Sunday, May 26, 2013

playing dress up

One of the best things about owning a vintage store is that you basically have a giant walk in closet to play in.  Complete with props and all sorts of fun furniture and things!  The other day we decided to take photos of some outfits because... well... because it's fun.  Also, because we usually take photos on a mannequin or a hanger, and sometimes it just doesn't translate how awesome the garment is.  Also it was fun.

just imagine that there was something super interesting on the ground that we were looking at... because apparently we posed in the exact same way in all three of these photos. whoops!

These shorts are insane.  And actually pretty amazing.

70s housewife realness.

Men's shirt + striped shorts = awesomeness!  We're both really into the idea of tying shirts up like that over shorts this summer.  It's very... 1990s... but somehow we still like it?

There were more photos, but we ended up cutting our heads off in most of them to make this graphic... which is probably good because we both got crazy hair in no time flat after trying on clothing.  Oh, and if you're down with a sale, everything in our Etsy shop is super cheap right now.  Anything that's in these photos that isn't up yet will be in the next few days.  
We've been too busy playing in our dream closet to list everything :)

Jess & Caiti

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