Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY: Recover Eyeglasses Case

Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unexpected forms. Take this DIY for example. The cutest puppy decided he needed another "teething ring" and found my eyeglasses case to be just right. It gave me an excuse to use some of our fabric hoard and make a cuter case.

Just look at that face!


  • Old case or dollar store case.
  • Fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge
  • Paper 
  • Scissors and Xacto knife.

Lets begin:

I'm am not sure if it is necessary to remove the old covering but mine was already kindly done for me.  I did remove the inside as it was already peeling up.

Next I traced the case to make a template. The bottom is slightly larger than the top so I made a second template a bit larger. 

Now cut out your fabric.

And begin Mod Podgeing. 

I folded over the fabric when necessary to conform to the contour of the case. Then I trimmed up any over hang with my Xacto. 

I then did the same for the inside. I finished up with a coat over the outside, just for a little added protection.

Let it dry and trim up the inside and you're done!

It's a pretty simple project. Have fun!

I could never be mad at a face like that...

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