Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly Wantsies

What Caiti's pining for:

1.) I love dresses, lately I've been all about the pastel floral sundress. So cute.
2.) My Dad's a biker so it may be rubbing off on me but I reallllly want a cropped leather jacket. 
3.) Also I need another skull in my collection and this ones lovely.
4.) Gold and seafoam and irrelevant to my life but these should be mine. Plus they're cheap!
5.) I've always liked the idea of monograms. I like these...

Things Jess is incredibly into:

1.  Lately I've been getting the urge to dress like Laura Petrie.  Which is sort of weird for me, since I'm consistently clad in dresses, but right now I want tanks and pedal pushers with flats, so.. This vintage tulip print tank top would be a perfect start to my Laura Petrie collection, no?
2.  I love insect jewelry, forever & always.  These bee earrings are (forgive the pun... yes... I'm going there...) the bee's knees.
3.  I LOVE messenger bags (I don't do well with normal purses), and I love vintage typography, so obviously this vintage typewriter messenger bag is a win/win.
4.  Perfect cropped jeans to go with my tank top.  PS.  I'm totally into Mod Cloth's new plus size collection. Pretty drool-worthy.
5.  Aaaaaaaaadorable red & black polka dot flats... to complete the ensemble!  Man, I would wear these with so many things.  

and, just in case you're wondering, Jess would definitely wear that whole collection together as one outfit.  for SURE.  And Caiti would wear everything in her collage as well... while carrying around the skull.  Because we're cool like that.

Wantingly yours,
Caiti & Jess


  1. Thank you so much for including my vintage sundress! I love both of your picks especially the monogram necklace, leather jacket & messenger bag!

    1. You're very welcome! It's an amazing dress! and thank you so much :D

  2. That floral dress is a perfect pick for spring/summer - flirty and feminine! And I love the messenger bag too.
    Visiting from Blogging Buddies