Monday, July 8, 2013

a bit of a truthful blurb by Jess

There's something kind of magical about having a store.  I always hoped, when I was pie-in-the-sky daydreaming about having one someday, that it would be this absolutely amazing place that I wanted to spend all my time in.  And luckily, I was right.  

I had a tough time this past week, and spent a couple days away from the shop at home because I was having crazy amounts of anxiety about a wild variety of things and just needed to chill the hell out.  Because... even though having a shop is a magical, beautiful thing, it's stressful in ways that I didn't even know were possible and never could have anticipated.  You know how when people start working out and they say that their muscles hurt in places they didn't even know they had muscles?  Both Caiti and I are emotionally exhausted in places that we didn't even know we had emotions.  I mean, EXHAUSTED.  We feel all sorts of things, all the time.  It's crazy.

But despite all my stress and anxiety, I really, really missed being at the store, and I was so so happy to be back.  Both of us spent yesterday at the shop doing various things... I was taking pictures for Etsy, and Caiti was outside painting furniture.  We both stayed late, not because we had to, but because we were caught up in projects that we were excited about and because we WANTED to finish them.  The furniture was coming out adorable, and the light in the shop was SO perfect for photos... I mean, why would you want to leave that? 

It was a great day.

So basically, what I'm saying is... things are tough, but amazing.  And I'm truly, really happy even when it seems like I'm sad... which is kind of the greatest thing I've ever felt.  Knowing that I'm pursuing my dream is such a huge accomplishment, that even when I feel like a big fat failure and like everything is going wrong, there's still at least a glimmer of happiness deep inside of me, because I'M DOING IT.  And I hope that you, whoever you are reading this, have something in your life that you love so much that you're in love with it no matter how much you hate it sometimes.. and I hope that it makes you all shimmery inside, even when you've got a big cloud of gloom over your head.  It's kind of a great feeling, isn't it? 

truthfully yours,


  1. having your own biz is the hardest thing out, it's so rewarding, so fun but so incredibly stressful all rolled into one...the growth I have seen from you guys from when you first linked up is huge...a store already is amazing. big cheers from this gal here.

    1. aw, thanks Amy! that means a lot to me/us :)
      xo, jess

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  3. Thanks for this post. :] I haven't been able to get to your shop yet, but it looks lovely and I hope to eventually. Good luck. :]