Tuesday, July 30, 2013

mid week flea market adventure

There's something sort of wonderful about a mid week flea market.  In my mind, flea market adventures are generally reserved for Saturdays or Sundays, so something about going on a Wednesday makes it feel like an ultra adventure - like you're playing hooky from school to go on a field trip, or eating dessert before dinner.  It just seems out of place and completely delightful.  So obviously, I was super excited to check out the Monstweag Flea Market last Wednesday.  

I showed up around 10:00, which is egregiously late by flea market standards considering the vendors get there by 6:30 at the latest.  I couldn't help but think about all the deals I had probably missed, but I still had high hopes.  My high hopes were immediately rewarded - when I parked I noticed a chair directly in my line of sight, which I promptly got out of the jeep and bought.  

After that, I wandered around the rows of tables, first looking at the big pieces in the middle of the aisles, since I was mainly in the market for furniture, and then taking another lap to look at all the small trinkets on the tables.  A girl could start a pretty serious jewelry and accessory collection just by shopping here. 

One of my favorite areas, shown in the picture above, was one of the little shacks that's set back towards the back of the field.  There are a handful of them back there where the vendors can set up a mini shop.  I was looking for a woman who used to be up there who did mid century furniture, but she seemed to have been replaced by a woman who did all kitchen pieces.  Although I should have been bummed that there was no mid century furniture (which is what I was actually shopping for), I was too enthralled by the color coded shelves of kitchen beauties. So much Pyrex! and Fire King! and yes, there was some Jadeite, my new obsession.  The way she organized it by color made me feel like I was in some sort of glass candy shop!  I kept visualizing how my house would look with all these colors in it... and then I just stopped doing that because my house is a crappy apartment, so I just started visualizing an amazing house with all this stuff in it, and quite frankly, I wanted to buy it all.  But... alas, I didn't.  I did spend plenty of time swooning though.  

I ended up leaving with a few old photos, a couple things for me (whoops), a small gray electric fan, and a dreamy mid century vinyl chair.  You can see the vinyl chair and the fan in the picture above - that's the setup we did at the shop the next day.. and the fan already sold online! Now, if only I can find someone to buy the chair, then I'll have an excuse to go shopping again....

Anxiously waiting for Wednesday,

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