Saturday, June 29, 2013

Consignor Feature

From the very beginning of our vintage slinging adventure we met some amazing and inspiring people. They have taught us so much and get a lot of credit for helping us get to where we are today. So we feel pretty lucky to have a shop to feature those people in. 

We met Aubin through a mutual vintage lover friend and are so glad we did. She's smart, quirky, and has an excellent eye for all things kitsch and vintage. She started her online store "Unrehearsed Kickline" in April, occasional sets up at the Portland Flea for All, and is now featuring her items in our shop. 

Here's what she has:

"Vintage is basically in my blood. I'm a third generation vintage/antique seller so I grew up with older clothing and decor around the house and because of that I have a deep appreciation for the design and materials from past decades."

"I started selling vintage because I want to share that appreciation with other people and help them discover things from the past that they may not have come across otherwise."


"I choose things based on my own style and interests because, honestly, I hope it will attract people I could have good conversations with about the eras I'm interested in. In my day to day life finding someone who wants to talk with me about bicentennial collectibles is a rare occurrence, but in the world of vintage the chances are much better that I'll get a chance to share my enthusiasm with someone."

Isn't this just darling...I want a monster farm. P.S she doodles those guys in. Seriously so cute.

Check her out on etsy, like her on Facebook, and come buy her stuff at the shop.

See you soon, 
Caiti & Jess

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  1. LOL on the doodles! Cute!

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