Sunday, June 2, 2013

weekly wantsies

We usually do our weekly wantsies posts on Friday, but it appears the week got away with us.  We've either been really busy (sort of), or just feverish from the heat and forgetting what day it is (definitely).  Even though we're a bit late... here are some things we love for you to peruse on this steamy sunday!

Jess's Picks are obviously influenced by the fact that all she wants to do is go swimming:

1.  I am absolutely, 100% head over heels in love with everything Samantha French does. I vow that I WILL own at least a print someday, for real. 
2.  This bathing suit is beyond amazing... you should check out the larger photo in the Etsy shop, because it will give you the chance to see that the bottom has RHINESTONES on it! RHINESTONES! 
3.  I can never get enough old maps.  This one is from 1894, which makes it even more magical.
4.  Even though it's far too hot to think of wearing a sweater today, I am still in love with the nautical theme of this guy, and it looks like it would be exceptionally comfy.
5. I like to imagine this letterpress whale shows exactly how happy I'll be when I finally get to go swimming.  

Caiti too desperately wants to sit on the beach... 

1. I've been yearning for some new dresses and I'm really in LOVE with this one.
2. I broke my only "dress" sandals a couple weeks ago and need something cute.
3.I may have a polka dot problem...but I also have a pale problem. This would solve both.
4.I just like earrings, I wear a pair everyday. And I like these. I actually like a lot of things at "My Vintage Silhouettes" like these bobby pins.
5. To have a successful day at the beach I need a cool beverage and some watermelon. Obviously I need this.

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