Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Wantsies

Welcome to our Second Round of Weekly Wantsies! This is where we let you know what sort of things we're fancying from our travels around the internet. Last week we were into shoes, music, and more shoes. This week we're kind of all over the place. Let's go window shopping, shall we?

What Caiti has spied this week:

1. There is moss in these earrings. Adorable.

2. I've always loved those gross ol' taxidermy heads at flea markets but never knew how to fit one into my decor. Well this pseudo taxidermied one has seafoam horns! Done and Done.

3. I just like the swans.

4. Uhhh Stormtrooper pancake anyone?

What Jess is drooling over:

1. Black has seemed to creep its way into my wardrobe in the past few months. I was always more of a fan of brown, but hey, things change. what better way to wear black than with a 1940s dress from Wildfell Hall?

2. David Bowie Mugshot Ring. I don't even need to explain why I'd want this (hint: because it's AMAZING)

3.  I need new boots. Desperately. Mine are literally falling apart, yet I keep wearing them.  I'm in love with these Chocolate Cravings boots - they go with both black AND brown! perfect for a girl who's apparently transitioning into gothness.

4. Speaking of transitioning into gothness... or just weirdness... I give you: the bug belt! Perfection, I say.

What are you pining after this week?

Jess & Caiti


  1. These moss earrings are so beautiful!

  2. My son would flip over Storm trooper pancakes!
    I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.
    Julie @ Singing Three Little Birds

  3. nice finds.I love the boots. The swan sweater is cute too.

  4. Cool Finds, love the earrings, and the cardigan (I'm a sucker for cardigans). Have a wonderful week!