Monday, February 11, 2013

The Wild One....

 Wintry cold days always end in movie a marathon for me and it sure has been wintry around here lately.

When choosing a movie I tend to base my decision on the movie's costuming. If it's got fabulous dresses I'm watching it, i.e The Aviator. I especially love movies that have such unique costuming they set fashion trends, hellooo Annie Hall...
In the movie The Wild One, Marlon Brando is the epitome of cool and his leather jacket is nothing but iconic gold. That makes it a shoe in for my top five fashion influential films. 

Cat's pajamas, am I right...

Sure the story may have been based on a riot that never really happened. Giving way to America's notion of  the big, bad, drunkard, "biker". But the iconic "cult classic" had a wide range of influence. The Wild One can be attributed to being one of the first movies to pave the way for many teenage rebellion films, uhhh Rebel Without a Cause. Marlon Brando had a way of creating cultural icons, giving real bikers a romantic "rebel outlaw" identity. The Wild One became a model for newly organised clubs, bringing them a flood of new members and popularizing the Triumph and Harley Bikes. Ohhh and lets not forget the FASHION.

Brando rode his OWN bike, a Triumph Thunderbird 650cc. 

The jacket Brando wore in the film is an iconic piece of clothing to say the least. Men and women alike have followed suit in a rockabilly surge later turned punk leather jacket craze. When filming ensued the budget was limited and Brando had to provide his own clothing for the “Johnny Strabler” character. Brando being the consummate method actor studied bikers, gangs, and their fashion incorporating the gruff, dark style to his own. Boy did that start a trend. Sideburns, leather, cuffed denim, Oh my. And that iconic jacket was a Schott Perfecto 618 which is still available for purchase.   

Here are a few other items that complete the look, maybe I should say attitude. 

And for the ladies might I suggest....

Paired with this...

can never go wrong with polka dots.

So, What are you rebelling against?

Caiti & Jess

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  1. Marlon Brando was so handsome when he was younger. Love his movies.