Sunday, February 3, 2013

outfits of the flea

 Happy Sunday! What are you up to today? Superbowl time? We're really only looking forward to the Puppy Bowl, to be honest.  We'll be hanging out at the Flea for part of the day today... same as yesterday.  It's kind of our weekend gig.  

While we were hanging out yesterday, we took some photos of our outfits while we were strolling around shopping (yes, we totally shop while we're working. it's kind of hard not to there).

Caiti's duds:

she totally made that bow belt on Saturday morning before coming to Flea.  
she's pretty darn crafty.  Isn't it adorable? 

Jess's getup:

That dress was originally supposed to be for Lucille's, but... I tried it on and it was super comfy.. soo... to my closet it goes! Sorry, Lucille's... you snooze you lose! 

Have a good day!
-Jess & Caiti

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