Thursday, February 28, 2013

we go cuckoo for vintage

A big part of our job is shopping.  Lots.. and LOTS of shopping.  In order to bring you lots and lots of rad vintage we spend a lot of time at auctions, antique malls, thrift stores, people's basements... basically anywhere that we think we can sniff out something cool.  It's pretty amazing.  But honestly, it gets kind of tiring sometimes.  Not tiring in the sense that we want to stop, but tiring like we get a little punch drunk.  okay, maybe a LOT punch drunk.  I wanted to share some evidence of this from some Instagram pics we took last week during one of our all day shopping extravaganzas.

Stuff like this happens:

and then this...

so... yeah.
if you happen to be an aspiring vintage store owner reading this blog, just know that you have to be a little bit nutty to be cut out for this business.  also know that you have to take pictures like these on the sly, because the people at the antique malls will frown at you once they realize you're not actually going to BUY the items you're playing with. LOOSEN UP, GUYS!

I really wanted the pretzel though. sigh.

Jess & Caiti

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  1. LOL, my hubby and I like to play in vintage and antique shops also. :0)