Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wantsies

We spend a lot of time window shopping online.  Because it's fun, and it's a lot cheaper than actual shopping.  And also because it's a good way to get inspired (that's what we keep telling ourselves, at least).  We thought we'd start a weekly feature where we show you some things we've been ogling over especially hard. 

Presenting... Weekly Wantsies!

First off, Caiti's list:

1. I love red and don't wear it often enough. Plus I love the Paraders.

2.Been eyeballing these oxford pumps for a while now...

3. Adorable flask because I keep it classy.

4. Prince to put out an album already. You should take a listen to the latest song Screw Driver .

And Jess's list: 

1.  Yeah, maybe I DO want a pair of leggings that are covered in baby fawns. 

2. I've always wanted brass knuckles. I think this is a good gateway ring

3. I love heels, but flats are kind of the best, amiright? And green is the best color. Ever. 

4. I've wanted wooden sunglasses FOREVER. And these are cat eyes, so how can you go wrong? 
(you can't, by the way.)

What about you... what are you dreaming about this week? What are your thoughts on Prince?
 Fawn covered leggings? Drinking from a flask? 

Caiti & Jess