Tuesday, July 24, 2012

snarky cards

 I hate buying greeting cards for people.  I always saunter in to the greeting card aisle on the day of the event I'm supposed to be buying the card and haphazardly look through the selection just to end up picking one that annoys me the least. Sometimes I'll just buy the most ridiculous card I can find that has nothing to do with the situation to amuse myself: I once attached a black card that said "PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR" to a pink bag at a baby shower... it stood out a bit. And I've bought children's cards for people on multiple occasions. Because nothing says "happy birthday, grownup man!" better than a pink card covered in kittens.  

But I digress.

We at Lucille's decided to take some of our obvious issues and funnel them into our own line of greeting cards.  Our cards aren't sugar coated.  They're not always even happy. Or nice. But they're truthful, and they'll usually make people laugh. And if they don't... then maybe you don't want to be friends with those people anyway because they clearly have no sense of humor. 

We're just starting to get the cards on Etsy now, so keep an eye out.. we'll have more! get your snarky on!

-Jess & Caiti

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