Monday, July 2, 2012

shop tour: Monarch Mercantile

As someone who is totally obsessed with peeking into other people's shops, not only to... well, shop... but to just be inspired by how awesome they are... I am always psyched when I come across shop tours on various websites like Decor8. I can spend HOURS looking at those blogs just daydreaming about having my own shop someday, or at the very least, being able to spend some time in the dreamy world of the shops that are featured.  So we thought we'd use our humble little Lucille's blog to do the same.  We'll be featuring some of our favorite stores that inspire us.  And we hope we can fuel your daydreams a little bit :)

A couple weeks ago, we took a jaunt to Monarch Mercantile in Bridgton, Maine.  It's run by a very adorable lady named Jess, who also sets up shop as a vendor at the Portland Flea for All from time to time.  

it is... AMAZING. 
it's a treasure trove of kitschy vintage & antique pieces along with loads of handmade and upcycled stuff as well.  it has such a fun vibe, and the store truly lives up to the "merchants of whimsy" standard proclaimed on the sign.

i loved these bracelets!

I really, really, REALLY want one of these elephant pillow/stuffed animal situations. I'm going through an elephant phase, and I'm also into nearly-mismatched patterns so it's only THE PERFECT THING FOR ME

Thanks for letting us loiter and take pictures like total creepers, Jess! We had fun!

If there's anywhere in the Maine/NH area that we NEED to check out, let us know... we're always down for an adventure!

Until next time,
Jess & Caiti

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