Friday, July 20, 2012

shop tour: Little Ghost Vintage

On our last shop tour, we took a peek into Monarch Mercantile. Now, we get to check out a lovely shop called Little Ghost Vintage owned by a super awesome lady who has become a dear friend of ours.  I admit that I may have spent more time gossiping with Dawn, the shop's owner, than taking photos (seriously, ask my husband - we were probably there for WELL over an hour hahaha), so I probably could have been more thorough, but you'll just have to stop in and see it for yourself. My photos can't even properly capture how fun this place is anyways... it's worth taking a trip there to see it in person and dig around for treasures, trust me :)

Dawn had always wanted her own thrift store, and this past spring she made that dream a reality, opening up Little Ghost in the Time & Temp building in Portland. You can find entrances for the store on Preble Street, or through the Time & Temp Building's lobby via Congress Street, so it's super accessible and a great place to pop in if you're walking around downtown. 

(this is the only picture I even got with the shop's name in it... such a bad blogger. but a good gossiper!)

Little Ghost makes a point to have lots of fun items at reasonable prices.  It stands out from a lot of other shops in Portland because... well, you can actually leave here with your wallet intact.  There's a huge variety of clothing, both vintage and more modern secondhand, as well as lots of housewares, accessories, and fun knicknacks (and whozits and whatsits galore).

Dawn goes to auctions regularly (an addiction that I blame entirely on myself and Caiti), as well as having a team of pickers that buys for her... so there are always plenty of treasures to be found!

i loved this apron! if only my name was Addie...

that's a Lucille's nightgown right there to the right, in case you were wondering! ;)

I keep thinking about this piece - at first I thought it was a family photo, then Dawn pointed out to me that it's a collage of THE SAME WOMAN throughout her lifetime! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. i should probably just buy it. i love that she rocked the pigtails during two phases of life!

so, seriously, dudes. If you're in Portland, go check out Little Ghost. Even if you're not in Portland, you should drive there because it's totally worth it.  And... if you happen to be around for First Friday in August, she's throwing a little shindig! Like Little Ghost on Facebook for up to the minute updates (and because the cover photo is my new favorite thing ever). 

Keep an eye out for our next Shop Tour... and let us know if you have a shop you'd like to be featured, or if you know of somewhere that is blog worthy. We're always down for a road trip!

-Jess & Caiti


  1. Yeah for a great blog and gossip sesh! xoxoxoxoxox
    Little Ghost + Lucille's ='s <3 foreva.

  2. Just visited your booth yesterday-- loved it! I swiped a business card too...I'm beginning to feature local business on my blog--hope you don't mind! Another shop you may want to peruse is called Tinsel Bright Trading Co. (it's in Gorham)

  3. I have family in ME and get up there every year to year and half. Used to live there and work in Portland. I will have to check this out next time I am there!