Thursday, July 5, 2012

imitating art: Moonrise Kingdom

The time it took for Moonrise Kingdom to come to a local theater felt like years. DECADES, even.  Both Caiti and I (the I in question being Jess, obviously) are big Wes Anderson fans.  We sometimes listen to songs (specifically this one) from the Life Aquatic soundtrack to pump us up. So we couldn't wait to see his newest film.  It was, without a doubt, worth the wait that we had to endure.

It's set in 1965 on the coast of New England during the summer, and honestly, the whole movie just screams summertime in the most magical way.  It captures the loneliness and weirdness of being a kid, and how that never really goes away when  you're an adult.  It made me want to go hiking and camping and laze around and listen to records on a rainy, hot summer day.  I set out to see if I could recreate just a tiny snippet of the beauty from this film using treasures from Etsy.

you can't have a Wes Anderson movie without maps. lots of maps.

and you can't run away from home without a suitcase...

...or your cat

and it's important to have reading material...

and guides so you know what you're talking about

and it's the MOST important to have someone who feels like this:

and... binoculars. because where would you be without your special power?

Are you ready for summer adventures now? I am! Or, at the very least, I'm ready to go to the movie theaters again...


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