Saturday, April 20, 2013

warm spring outfits!

It was SO lovely out on Friday!  It was actually alllllmost a bit hot!  So so so so great!  We ended up stuck inside the shop for most of the day doing projects, but we managed to skip outside for a while to do some banner hanging, and, of course, some spray painting.  Seriously, it seems like we're always spray painting something.  

We both sprung (ha!) into springtime looks with no hesitation.  Dresses with no tights! Sandals! 

Cardigan - Target... from a billion years ago
Dress - handmade (of course!)
Shoes - Target... also from a billion years ago.  that was a great year for purchases, apparently.

Dress - from a vintage buy we did a while ago (if there's a dress that fits Jess, it doesn't stand a chance, let's be real)
Necklace - from the Portland Flea for All... there's a better picture of it, but it ended up being like 98% cleavage, so just rest assured that it's an adorable silver peacock.
Flip flops - also from the Target billion years ago sale

close up peek at Caiti's handmade dress.  Aren't the straps so awesome? 

Warmly (much like the weather),
Caiti & Jess


  1. Love dresses in the Spring. They are both really cute.

  2. Great blog! Found you on the Etsy Promote Your Blog team! Happy to be your newest follower!