Thursday, April 11, 2013

shop update!

So far one of the best things about having an actual shop is the simple pleasure of having everything in one place.  Caiti and I have been splitting things between our respective houses and the flea market we were selling at for so long that it's surprisingly exciting to have everything all together! It used to be everything was always scattered around and we never knew what was located where.  We'd sell something on Etsy and it would be a mad scramble to figure out where the heck it was!  Also, taking photos was a pain in the butt.  Caiti's house had the best natural light so she ended up taking photos of most of the clothing, and I'd bring home small things from time to time so she didn't have to take on the whole workload.  But we were constantly trading the camera back and forth and swapping SD cards to edit images.  Not really fun. But NOW... we have a specific spot for taking Etsy photos! Huzzah!  It really is crazy exciting, I think. 

So I spent a good amount of Tuesday & Wednesday gleefully snapping away for Etsy listings.  Here's what we've been working on!

and... these are a couple pieces that were photographed on Wednesday that I'm especially fond of.  They'll be up on Etsy sometime soon (if you see anything you like, let us know and we can reserve it!)

I love the neutral-ness of this dress... but it's so fancy and lacy!

This dress is actually a 1980s Laura Ashley sundress that was atrociously long, which made it pretty unattractive.  Caiti decided to shorten the hem a bit, and now we're both head over heels in love with it.  It's like the perfect spring dress!  Funny what a difference a little chop can make, huh? 

I'm very into this red & white striped blazer.  It's a light weight fabric and has a linen look to it so it would be perfect for spring.  I'm really into stripes right now (obviously). 

Hope you're ready for lots more Etsy listings, now that we've got the space :)


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