Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sunday at the shop outfit

We had a bit of free time on Sunday, so I (Jess) decided to take photos of my outfit.  I tried to convince Caiti to do the same but she was too ashamed of us wearing accidentally matching outfits.  She came in that morning, took one look at my outfit and shamefully took off her coat, revealing a black and white striped shirt.  That would be worth a laugh if it didn't happen ALL. THE. TIME.  People genuinely think that we are trying to coordinate/wear a uniform.  Nope, just the same brain, apparently. So she hid in the back room screen printing while I snapped some shots of my duds.

If I look exceptionally tired, it's because I am.  And I'm not sure how I even feel about this outfit, but I do know that it was exceptionally comfortable, which mattered a lot to me.  I've taken to leaving my house slippers at the shop, so the fact that I'm not wearing those is an accomplishment, trust me.

I call this my Beetlejuice blazer.  Also, I scored a defective version of a necklace I made that I love (even though moths scare the bejesus out of me)

This is our sassy rug... I've taken to calling her Irma.  We were going to buy a practical, somewhat neutral rug, but my craziness got the better of me at Ikea.  It's going to be dirty as all getup all the time, but it's so fabulous I don't even caaaaaare!

just hangin' out in my blazer in front of a rack of blazers.  So meta.  also, behind me you can see a peek of one of the ribcage sweatshirts Caiti made the other day.  I'm very much in love with them. 

and that picture also gives you a peek at her striped shirt.  Seriously, our matching is a real problem. 

Stripes and stripes forever,

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