Tuesday, April 9, 2013

shop tour: LUCILLE'S!!!!

On April 6th we opened our shop!  We put a huge amount of work into it (see our last entry to see what it used to look like), and our brains are still spinning from lack of sleep and from making more decisions than we ever thought humanly possible.  We're incredibly excited and stupidly tired, and still working on lots and lots of things... but thought we'd share some pictures so you could take a peek!

This is our sign that took WAY too long to hand paint, but came out amazing

We're still filling up the shop, but we're excited.  Isn't the floor the best color? 
That's Caiti's dude Steve loitering by the counter.


I'm sure we'll be sharing a billion more pictures as time goes on and we add more things...  it's exciting to think that our biggest upcoming task is shopping! Life isn't so bad, ya know? :)


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