Thursday, January 10, 2013

outside outfits

We realized the other day we've never really shown our faces a lot on this blog.  Neither of us are incredibly fond of being in front of the camera, so there aren't many photos of us floating around.  We decided to change that!  Because... someone needs to document our cute outfits, and all of our random shenanigans.  And nothing makes for a more entertaining afternoon than watching two photo-shy ladies setting up a camera on a tripod and trying to think of poses while the self timer beeps away.  Aside from those two ladies trying to take a video of themselves, but... more on THAT later...

I met up with Caiti yesterday to do some scheming and plotting and visiting with her cats (they're very cute, and well worth the drive).  It was a relatively warm day for winter... I think it was like 40ish, which in Maine is downright balmy.  So we decided to head outside and document our cute vintage winter coats in their natural habitat.  Because who doesn't love an amazing vintage coat in the snow?

That's me, Jess, on the left in the gray coat, and in the red is Caiti.  If you've never seen us before... hi! or, even if you have seen us before.. hi! 

Caiti quickly realized that her tights & flats were not practical for this outing

And Jess giggled and looked at the ground every time the shutter went off

And... then we threw snowballs.

There may or may not be a photo of Caiti "accidentally" throwing a snowball almost AT THE CAMERA.  as the person who was behind the lens, I can testify that it was terrifying.  Her face in the photo is that of utter horror, so... we won't post it.  Just rest assured it was hilarious.

It looks in this photo like I don't understand how throwing a snowball works and I'm just tossing it UP into the air... I assure you that's not the case.  

Caiti was wearing adorable button earrings she had crafted the night before, so I snapped a photo of those as well.  You can find some with the same fabric, as well as some other rad ones, in the shop if you're into that sort of thing.  

For those who were curious, our coats were both thrifted... We both have a knack for finding fabulous coats languishing at thrift stores.  It seems silly that someone would get rid of something so beautiful! The gray coat I'm wearing today is one of my absolute favorites!

We also photographed the outfits we were wearing underneath.  Those will come at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled.  Until next time...

Snowball fights & crafting nights,
Jess & Caiti

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