Monday, January 14, 2013

inside outfits

Good Morning everyone! How are you doing today?

As promised... here is the second part of our outfit post!  These photos are from the other day when I (Jess) drove up to Caiti's house for a visit.  We showed your our outerwear in the last post, and now you can check out our inner layers!  That sounds weird, but you know what I mean.

Jess's Outfit:
1940s Dress - from Wildfell Hall Vintage
Boots (that you can't see most of, but whatever) - Avenue, a billion years ago
Belt - Thrifted

Caiti's Outfit:
Green Suspender Skirt - Handmade (she's an amazing seamstress. just sayin')
Everything else - thrifted/random

also, look at these earrings!! Caiti went on a spree of making button earrings one night, and I ended up with a pair made of my favorite fabric...  one earring is a cat, and the other one is a dog.  They're basically the cutest thing ever.  There's another pair up for sale in our shop if you're down with the cuteness.  And isn't the print on that dress amazing? It's tiny little balls of yarn!  I feel like by pairing those two things together, I successfully made the cutest kitschy outfit EVAR!

We spent the rest of the day attempting to shoot a video for our GoFundMe page... we're still not really sure how it turned out... we're in the editing stages right now.  Is there anything more awkward than trying to take a video of yourself?  I can't think of many things I'd rather do less... so if we ever do get that video up on the site you guys will definitely have something to giggle at! After that, we parted ways and Caiti went to work and I went thrifting, where I only had a tiny bit of success.  Hoping the thrifting universe will throw us some karma sometime soon...

Until next time...
Jess & Caiti


  1. Both of your outfits are really cute and I love the earrings too!

  2. Love your blog! So cute and creative! I'm new to the blog scene and a huge supporter of Etsy! Would love to meet new Etsy friends and find some shops and items to promote, so please stop by my blog if you're interested :) Jennifer -