Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Bleached Design Shirt

I'm a sucker for Pintrest and a sucker for DIY's, I admit it. So when I saw the bleached design diy I had to try it. It was a good primer, I found with straight spray bottle method my design ran quite a bit and the detail was lost. I tweaked it a bit....

Things you'll need:

  • Cardboard-to use as a work space and extra to place under the shirt, so the bleach doesn't reach the back. 
  • Bleach- I used a 2:1 mixture of bleach and water. I put some in a spray bottle and additional in a bowl.
  • Paintbrush and rag.
  • Design- any stencil will do. I used our Lucille logo and cut it using the Cricut. (Best investment!)
  • T shirt- I ironed mine. You don't want wrinkles fudging up the spray pattern
  • Gloves- I have a bad habit of forgetting this part. I'm pretty sure I no longer have fingerprints.
Lets begin:

Set up your area, place cardboard in shirt and place your design. I sprayed the back of my design with some multi-purpose spray adhesive just to help the tentacles stay down. Using a paintbrush, dunk it into your bleach mix and paint around the design. 

When you feel you've sufficiently painted around all the detail take your rag, dunk in mixture and blot around the design. I forgot to take a picture of this step...

Now spray the area further out from your design, I chose to spray from the corner and bottom so little splatters reached the collar and sleeve. 

Once you've painted, blotted, and sprayed to your liking you've got to wait. Five to fifteen minutes should work, you can gauge it by the color change. Take off your design and wash the shirt. That's it.  Fin. 

Oh I forgot it's also super helpful if you have a good supervisor.

Have fun!


  1. very cool! Like the design. You should definitely try fabric painting or screenprinting that on t-shirts.

    1. thank you! we're sort of obsessed with that design... we want to put it on everything haha

  2. LOVE your supervisor and this idea! We love fun things like this in our family. Can't wait to try it! Cindy, visiting from Blogging Buddies

  3. So glad I came across your blog on Etsy, this is pretty cool.

  4. wow,good job,I like the DIY,and the bleach t are great.

  5. I love the whole idea of customized designs for t-shirts! It brings out your personality on to your shirt, doesn't it? Not only is it affordable, the instructions are also easy to follow. Not so much of a rocket science, I believe. =D Have you tried other designs like doing a statement shirt?

    Lissette Monroe

  6. Awesome loved your trick definitely trying it