Tuesday, January 31, 2012

an ACTUAL store?

Lately, we've been plugging away every weekend at the Brunswick Flea Market, which has been really fun and a really great learning experience.  People have been admiring our stuff, and giving us tips and advice, which is super nice.  It seems like one thing that comes up very often is people telling us that it's smart of us to start small, because very often people make the mistake of having a store, and they have to spend all their time worrying about keeping up with their overhead.

I haven't been telling them that we actually do want a store.

Despite knowing that there's SO MUCH more risk involved when you get into an actual brick & mortar business, from the cost of rent alone to things like insurance, liability, WAY more money than we're spending on advertising now (our current budget is $0. ha), having an accountant (the list goes on...) - it's what we really want.  We have so many ideas that, honestly, won't even work unless we have our own space.  I'll be the first to admit that it's big and scary and we don't know what we're doing with everything, but I think half the battle is knowing that you're going to be facing things that you won't know how to handle, but life is about adapting, I think.  Being prepared to be in over your head is a smart preparation, right...?

 Tomorrow we are trepidatiously tiptoeing towards a possible retail adventure!  We're going to see a space that's currently an office but is being converted into retail over the next few months.  The fact that it won't be ready for a while is actually a plus for us, because it gives us an opportunity to get organized. It has big, lovely windows that would be perfect for displays, and it's in one of the only areas in our town that gets any sort of foot traffic at all. The owner is a great guy, and we actually met with him several months ago about the spot next door - which we fell in love with, but weren't able to take.  This new spot that we're seeing tomorrow might even be a better fit, so it's very exciting!   

all images from various placed on the interwebs, curated on our pinterest board

We'll keep you posted.  Wish us luck!

-Jess :)

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