Monday, January 16, 2012

flea market weekend!

This weekend we decided to undertake in the adventure of... flea marketing! not, um, marketing fleas, but rather, participating in a local flea market.  The flea market we chose is in Brunswick, in a lovely old mill, and it takes place every weekend.  The mill is a lovely old brick building, filled with lots of different vendors, peddling antiques, vintage bits and pieces... and... well, of course there was some junk.  So much junk in fact, that our tidy little booth stood out quite a bit.  We as vendors stood out quite a bit as well... young girls in the midst of a lot of older, flea-market types.  We showed up with our dresses and boots and flowers in our hair, a very stark contrast to their beards, suspenders and gray hair.  But honestly, everyone there LOVED us!  I think they were excited to have some young blood in their midst.

We made friends with Jack, an adorable old man with the table across from us.  We had a bunch of snarky cards there, and he loved them, and was inspired to show us his old cards (caiti is holding one in the picture above... it had a cell on the front and the inside says "When I'm with you I get cilia and cilia" HA. also, you can see Jack in the background).  And we sold a few things... not a lot, but... enough to pay for the booth and then some! 

We're going to go back and give it another go this weekend... wish us luck! :)

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