Friday, February 3, 2012

so, who's Lucille?

I'm pretty sure everyone we know has asked us who Lucille is.  We wouldn't name our shop Lucille's if there wasn't one specific Lucille who we were looking to pay homage to, right?  Instead of answering you directly (because what fun would that be?), I offer you a list of possibilities.

Perhaps our inspiration was the lovely Lucille Ball?

OR B.B. King's legendary guitar Lucille?

OR LUCILLE BLUTH? i mean, who isn't inspired by her?

or, even better... Lucille 2!

OR maybe we decided to name our business after Kate's cat?

OR, maybe we just put a bunch of ideas for a business name in a hat and pulled out Lucille's and kind of fell in love with it?  What do YOU think?  We'll never tell (unless you bribe us with alcohol and chips, then we'll talk)

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