Friday, May 25, 2012

shop update

we've been doing lots of selling at the Flea For All, so for a long time our little Etsy shop sat neglected... compound that with the fact that I've had a nasty head cold for DAYS... not a whole lot has been goin' on in there.  But today I finally got around to giving it some love! it's still not quite where it should be, but we're getting there!  here are a few of the new listings for this week. I kind of wish that I could be like those magical Etsy sellers who do their updates in a theme or a color... but that just never seems to happen.  Let's pretend it does, okay? This week's theme is awesome clothing!

amazingly gorgeous 1930s art deco dress - sequins! THE SEQUINS! - Edited to Add: this beauty actually sold before this post even went live... Goodbye, sweet dress! 

rad mod scooter dress! (larger size!)

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of in love with this dress. We've had it on the racks at the Flea for a week or two, but I didn't realize how sassy and amazing it was until I got it on a mannequin. So fly! see it on Etsy here

Adorable 1950s day dress with buttons! and rickrack! and a giant pocket!

everyone needs a nautical necklace, right? (i secretly want to keep this one but i won't! willpower!)

ridiculously amazing Margaret Smith bag with peacocks and flowers and lots of beautifullness (that's not a word, but if it was, I feel like it would accurately describe what this bag has)

hope you're all doing well this week, lovelies!


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