Friday, May 4, 2012

love it, hate it

One of the great things about having a partner in this crazy business is that we balance each other out really well. We each like different things, but when you combine everything together, it makes for a pretty cohesive vision. If one of us is feeling really pouty and like a major Negative Nancy, the other one is around to be a little more positive, or at least to sing songs about how everything is going to be okay (we sing songs about everything) until the other one's bad mood cracks.  It's very yin and yang.

In honor of that, we've come up with a weekly feature for this here blog called "love it, hate it".  Every week, one of us will take the time to tell you about whatever we love this week.  And the other one will spout off about things she hates.  Because people spend too much time trying to like everything sometimes.  Let's keep it real.  We hate stuff.  We know you do too.  Let's discuss.

Firstly, with the dose of sunshine for this week... 

Things Jess LOVES this week:

I'm really in love with 1950s peach lace dress that we have in the shop:

i mean, COME ON! it's old. it's lacy. it's lace looks like bicycle wheels or parasols.  IT HAS RHINESTONE BROOCHES! and a tulle neckline.  

like, seriously. it makes me super happy. I hope some fabulous lady snatches this beauty up and wears it to some fabulous party and makes everyone else in the room jealous. See it on Etsy


(this will be MINE)

-Finding new, adorable shops in my area.  I just went into Classy Elegance & Secondhand Treasures yesterday, and it rocked my world. Yay for new places to shop!

-And spaghetti.  Always spaghetti.

Things Caiti HATES this week:

-Chicken from Walmart. texturally, it's gross. It's sliminess is uncalled for. And sometimes I don't believe it's real chicken.
-Maryland for making that stupid law about pitbulls. DAMN YOU, MARYLAND! (don't get Jess started on this either, because she has a lot to say about the matter)
oh, the horror.

-Crocs. Why? Why do you need to wear Crocs? Are you going to the garden? That's okay. Do you wear them with socks? Because that's the worst. Mario Batali, I'm looking at you.

-Cosmopolitan Magazine. I don't need to know what to do if I don't have a tampon.  I'm a smart girl, I'll figure it out.  I also don't need to know the 99 Ways to Drive Him Wild.  I'm not going to paint myself in honey and wait by the door (Sorry, Steve). 

 What have you been loving and hating this week, everyone? Tune in next week, for Optimism from Caiti and Pessimism from Jess!

Awkward Hugs,
Jess & Caiti

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  1. oh I love this new feature and often want to talk about what I hate but am scared of ruining the fluffiness that is online business...he he! I look forward to next week's installment!