Thursday, October 25, 2012

a long overdue shop update! huzzah!

We've finally got some new items in the Etsy shop! hooray! Caiti has been laboring away at photographing and listing for the last few days in anticipation for the Etsy Maine Cash Mob (for details, check out the event on facebook) and I think it's looking lovely.  It should also be noted that she had to overcome many obstacles while shooting photos... namely cat interruptions.  So this update is super special, obviously.

Beaker has excellent taste in shoes, and mourns his lack of actual feet that would fit into these lovelies.

don't you love these? I hate to say it, but if either Caiti or I (or Beaks) could cram our feet into these they most assuredly wouldn't be in the shop...

perfect plaid skirt for fall/winter!

amazing little black dress

cute little bows!

I LOVE the bow detail on the back of this skirt!

and another bow! There seems to be a bit of a theme here...

All of these are currently available in the Etsy shop so check it out! You can take advantage of us participating in the Etsy Maine Cash Mob by using the promo code CASHMOB - we'll give ya 15% off!

Until next time...
-Jess & Caiti

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