Saturday, March 3, 2012

some things never change

there's something comforting about knowing that auctions (my new favorite past time) have been the same since at least 1939.  Looking through these pictures from the Life Archives made me laugh, because I saw so many things I recognized!

Based on my knowledge, the auctioneer is probably saying something like "come on people, it's worth at least $5!"

there are always PLENTY of sassy old ladies there (these ones are particularly stylish, if you ask me!)

check out Rudy and his super fly new coat!  There's always someone that buys something silly and parades it around proudly for the other buyers to hoot and holler at (see: my erotic statue)

boys always seem to bring their dogs (seriously, I don't know how many carhartt-wearing farm boys I saw toting a shepherd puppy with them at our first auction)

aaaaand, in the end you always have to see the nice lady and pay up!

Honestly, I've never seen this happen at a flea market before, but I somehow feel that Caiti and I are direct descendants of these two broads.  I hope in our past lives we bought that couch.

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